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A Closer Look At: Poor Mitt Romney

Exclusive: Closer Look Reporters have uncovered one of Romney's binders full of women. The contents will surprise you!

A Closer Look At: The RNC and Clint Eastwood

At The Republican National Convention, actor Clint Eastwood on Thursday made a "surprise" appearance, delivering a scathing speech that was ad-libbed, according to the Romney campaign. Here's a closer look.

The Adventures Of Invisible Obama

President Barack Obama says he's a "huge Clint Eastwood fan," even in the aftermath of the actor's rambling "Invisible Obama" monologue at the GOP convention. But, what few people knew is that Invisible Obama was present for the entire RNC convention. These are the original Invisible Obama Chronicles.

A Closer Look At: Romney’s Binders Full Of Women!

A Closer Look At The News is a hilarious look at some of today's headline!

Featuring Black History Mini Docs.  If you have 90 seconds then you have enough time to watch Black History Mini Docs. The “A Closer Look At News” and “A Closer Look At New Photos” video’s are a hilarious take on some of today's most popular headline stories!  With these searing comedy shorts, no one is safe, no one is exempted.  The more absurd you are in the public eye, you can pretty much guarantee they will definitely poke fun at you.  Plus much more videos.

Black History Mini Docs

If you have 90 seconds then you have enough time to watch Black History Mini Docs.  Award winning filmmaker, Reed R. McCants brings his unique style of storytelling to chronicle the many contributions and achievements throughout history of the African-American in America.   These videos are a fast, informative and entertaining way to educate young and old about the varying contributions of blacks in American history. Think of it as the "Cliff Notes" of the digital age. Executive Produced by legendary film director Neema Barnette (Civil Brand).

Featuring the stories of:

Muhammad Ali

Stokley Carmichael

The Black Panthers

Martin Luther King Jr.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Thurgood Marshall

Nat Turner

Angela Davis

Tupac Shakur

Madam CJ Walker

Harriet Tubman

The Black Wallstreet

Frederick Douglass

Malcolm X

Huey P Newton

Civil Rights Movement

Tuskegee Experiment

Rosewood Lynchings

James Brown

Emmit Till

Maya Angelou

and many many more!

Closer Look At: The Marco Rubio Dry Response

Republican Marco Rubio's dry mouth response to Pres. Barack Obama's 4th State of the Union Address. Watch Exclusive Hidden Camara TV Control Room Video.

Kill Yaself - Eleven featuring Ma Barker - Music Movie Video Trailer

Check out the New Eleven Ego Crusher and  Ma Barker Hip-Hop movie video with is an tribute to the Classic film Belly.