Reed is a 20-year veteran of film, television and stage. Reed has always been committed to devoting his time and energy to preserve and nurture the arts in the Afro-American community. A product of Harlem himself, Reed feels "It is essential to give back". Subsequently he has created or co-founded four Theatre companies. The Renaissance Drama Company, Rainbow Connection Theatre and Rebirth Drama Company. More recently, he is the Founder of the Live Theatre Gang, which has been in existence for ten years. During these tenures, he has produced and or directed well over 500 plays.  Reed's directorial debut was "Cuttin Da Mustard", the film that the characters of 40 and Leroy Web Series originated from. As a featured actor Reed can be seen in the film classic "Project X" starring Matthew Broderick, "Civil Brand" which also stars Mos Def, and T.D. Jakes's "Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day" also staring Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal and Pam Grier, in theaters this April 13, 2012.

Reed R. McCants (Producer/Director/Editor)

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McCants and Glasper at Blogworld Expo

40 and Leroy creator, Reed R. McCants was asked to join  a panel at the renowned Blog World Expo to be held in New York City June 5 through the 7th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. BlogWorld is a must-attend social media event, hosting thousands of attendees from 50+ countries, with more than 200 speakers.   Read More...


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Director McCants, Returns to Acting in T.D. Jakes New Film.

Burbank, California, United States of America (  January 11, 2012 --

Writer/Director Reed R. McCants is no foreigner when it comes to acting, having taught acting in both Los Angeles and New York for over 20 years. However, it has been over 8 years since he has appeared in front of the camera as an actor. In the past few years, McCants has been busy directing feature films like the independent award-winning classic ”Cuttin’ Da Mustard” along with directing, writing, editing and producing multiple episodes of his popular youtube comedy web series “40 and Leroy Crazy in New York”, Reed hasn’t had much time for acting. Notably, the last time audiences had a chance to catch McCants' on screen as an actor, was in the popular urban film “Civil Brand” directed by Award winning filmmaker, Neema Barnette.  --  Read More