No Money Before Honey! (Posted 06/04/12)

New York Hip Hop fans are up in arms, after last night’s Summer Jam went down in smoke, when Lil Wayne pulled his Young Money artists from the lineup moments before Nicki Minaj was set to headline.  It all happened when Hot 97 Morning Show personality Peter Rosenberg started dissing NM, calling her platinum selling song a “wack ass Starships” track.  Weezy was on a private jet and heard every word via a simulcast.  He immediately asked for an onstage apology or he would pull the plug.  PR would not apologize, so NM took to twitter to defend LW’s choice.  STR8 Up, Rosenberg should have apologized because he was out of pocket (even if he was right about the song).  Nicki then took to a twitter rant, “Not blak but on blak radio dissin blak women.”  PR says Hot 97 is all about “real hip hop, not Starships.”  Well, this star’s ship has sailed out the building for good reason.  But the real question is, did Hot 97 choose Rosenberg over hip hop, and its fans?  Will there be a Young Money boycott??  Will Rosenberg be reprimanded like radio personalities of color tend to be when they go lamb??   Remember Star and Buckwild, Wendy Williams???  Gos and Sip on dat! 

Brown Down (Posted 05/27/12)

Chris Brown is threatening legal action against former B2K wacko Raz B.  Apparently, in RB’s new memoir, he implicates CB and rapper Bow Wow as closeted homosexuals.  STR8 Up - this guy stays in the accusation limelight.  This isn’t the first time he’s called a boy bander out, remember Marquise Houston of Sister Sister, and even Raz’s own former B2K members were once accused of raping him, under the tutelage of his former manager Chris Stokes.  Since Chris Brown seems to be the only one seeking legal ramifications, could there be truth in Raz B’s accusations with the other celebrity mentions???  On another note, isn’t it surprising Breezy(CB) is going the legal route. With Chris’s background in the court system it’s a wonder Raz B isn’t black and blue.. Or is that only reserved for those of the female persuasion???  Gos and Sip on dat!

Soiled Boyle (Posted 05/27/12)

Remember the hit movie, Slumdog Millionaire?  Well, TV mogul Paul Smith had plans to bring the “Jai Ho” hit to the Broadway in a musical adaptation.  But he did a major no-no when he didn’t include the Oscar-winning film’s creative team, including its director Danny Boyle in the mix.  This is where the whole “Jai Ho” controversy comes in because now the composer A.R Rahman has jumped ship and taken the show with him, refusing to let PS use the movie’s anthem unless he lets DB get his shine on.  STR8 Up - Smith was an executive producer on the movie, and owns screen rights, but broke off talks with Boyle over creative control issues.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m steering the ship, I’m not too keen on sharing the spotlight, if you know what I mean.  The real issue though, since they’re both rich as a mofo - after grossing $338 million worldwide, and 8 oscars, how are the kids from the actual movie fairing since they have yet to receive their money from the movie for their “protection”???  How bout they get some creative kickback money since they all currently live in the slums, dawg???  Gos and Sip on dat!

No Place For Ocho Show (Posted 06/05/12)

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are headed towards reality matrimony.  Whether the love birds will make it down the aisle in time for their July nuptials in a fancy hotel still remains to be seen.  After witnessing EL’s penchant for throwing wine bottles, and jumping tables on Basketball Wives, the snag in the road is not CO’s roving eyes, but securing a venue.  STR8 Up - the St. Regis, The Ritz, and Breakers have all said NO to the couple and rejected their request to tie the knot at their fancy spots.  This should make for good TV nonetheless because nothing says reality TV like drama.  We’ll see it all on their BBW spin-off “Ocho and Eve.”  Though we doubt there won’t be at least one fight in this show.  We know how Eve likes to pop off but who will piss her off this time cause you know Jennifuh’s not invited...or is she???  Gos and Sip on dat!

Don’t Be Tardy With The Rent Check!  (Posted 06/04/12)

That’s the new tune Kim Zolciak is singing now that she and her football hubby Kroy Biermann have been put on blast by their landlord Kendra Davis via twitter.  STR8 Up, didn’t Kim say she was closing on the house during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion a month or so ago???  Guess she was lying just as badly as the wigs on her head.  It’s not like KZB can’t afford it.  She never paid Kandy Burress royalties for their hit song “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party”, she never paid the decoration bill to her jilted landlord for her rented mansion, she never paid Nene Leakes a finders fee for getting her cast on the hit franchise, and she had a big papa paying all her bills until she met KB.   They say you can’t teach a dog new tricks... bill paying must be one of em.  We all saw how she treated her former assistant Sweetie, and Kandie, and even her hairdresser.  Seems like she keeps black girlfriends because she doesn’t have to treat them with respect, can run them ragged, use their talents, call them bitches, and turn around and not even have to pay them.  KZB is taking that whole prima donna rep too far, but can you blame her??  The rest of them “sistas” need to cut her loose, get their money, and set her straight like Nene did.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Never Say Neeee ve er er!  (Posted 06/04/12)
So, Octomom has found “sexual liberation” since filming a self pleasure porn soon to be released online this summer.  The mother of more than eight kids, had in the past said she’d never sell her body for money to support her brood, but its obvious she is singing a new tune since repeat foreclosure came a knocking, and her Bankruptcy claim went down the drain due to incomplete paperwork.  So now she’s gotta earn that “paper” any way she can.  Food stamps aside.  STR8 Up, Octomom is gross.  But if you’re in West Palm Beach, FL you can drop dollars on her incredible shrinking belly while she strips at T’s Lounge in a bid to promote her flick and pick up some extra bucks.  Although T’s is all nude, OM is only going topless, and is not on the menu in the champagne room.  The real question is with all her moves towards her admitted sexual liberation is Octomom going too far, or even worse handling her business ventures all wrong?  Checking out her timeline it appears she’s got no business sense.  First she shoots a porno, then starts stripping, what’s next?  Escorting??  The chick has serious problems, and does everything backwards!  First, she had all her kids without a man through in vitro.  Bought a house without a job.  Turned down a million dollar offer to do porn, only to be paid a little more than $10,000 to shoot a porn a year or so later.  She claims she has never sacrificed her morals and values, but according to her accountant (if she could afford one) it’s apparent she does not have enough value to support them kids..  Gos and Sip on dat!

Gwyneth A Pal, Bro! (Posted 06/06/12)

Gwyneth Paltrow is all bestie besties with Jay Z and Beyonce. So much so, while on stage with the JZ and some other rappers this weekend GP tweeted, “N***as in paris for real.” Folks were up in arms, not because she tweeted the title of Kanye West and Jay Z’s platinum selling song, but that she added, “for real” at the end, almost like the insinuation is that she is really with some “N***as for real while in Paris. Well singer The Dream has come to Paltrow’s defense tweeting that he used her phone and tweeted it himself. STR8 Up - Dude, you’re lying. GP already responded via tweet in response to the attack on her character, “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!” Proof is in the admit that the Dream had nothing to do with it. Then Dream takes it further when folks begin confronting him about the use of the N word - claiming that the word means nothing, and that it has no power. So this is what irrelevant singers do to get some shine these days? Ride the coattails of an actress who thinks her friends are really N***as whenever they’re in Paris or just real N***as for real?? Or was GP’s gaff just as sincere as Dream’s tweet admission and subsequent rant about the N word??? The real question is why folks were in boycott mode when Nas released an album named Nigger, but JZ and KW get a pass??? Gos and Sip on dat!


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