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Glasper In An
other Kliffnotez

The latest video from Rap artist Kliffnotez featuring Reek Da Villain stars our own Horace Glasper (Leroy).  Up and coming rapper Kliffnotez has made another sure fire hit with his latest solo track spending. It seems that his artistic vision can not be fed enough since this video is a 360 turn from the first one. In Spending, Kliff takes us on a shopping spree L.I. style and leaves everybody listening and wanting more. And it also seems that for this video Kliff once again has featured our very own star of the 40 and leroy Web series Horace Glasper for comedic relief. Kliff is on his way to the top but from the looks of it he might already be there!


Horace Glasper

Very few character names have been used as often as the name Leroy in comedy.  But what few people know, or have observed, or even paid attention to, is that there is an expansive story behind the illustrious name of Leroy as it relates to comedy.  From Wikipedia encyclopedia, spelled and pronounced many different ways, the name Leroy, Lee Roy, or Le Roy is often a male given name. It is also used as a surname. The name is derived from Old French. Pronunciation: /ləˈrɔɪ/ lə-roy.   Could it be that the 2 words syllable has some magical stimulations of the funny bone or does this simple name speak to the senses of the common man? Read More