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Lorenzo Eduardo (Forty Ounce)
Lorenzo has been a actor/producer consistently working in Hollywood for over a decade, having recently produced music video’s and a short film for Kid Cudi in 2011 directed by Shia LaBeouf. Next he Produced a short film for Marilyn Manson also directed by Shia LaBeouf. Lorenzo produced his first feature film April Apocalypse (2013) in September-October of 2012 with Tarnol Group Pictures. Lorenzo is a co-founder and former vice president of Shia LaBeouf’s production company Grassy Slope form it’s start-up in 2005 till his departure in August of 2011. Lorenzo went on to start his own production company Big Sister Pictures and teamed up with Tarnol Group Pictures.  Lorenzo is also the star of the hit comedy web series 40oz and Leroy crazy in New York and the upcoming comedy 2012 feature film 40oz and Leroy Smoke Cali. Much like his character Reginald “40oz” Wilson, Lorenzo was Born in Brooklyn, NY November 2nd 1982 and raised in Miami, FL ..Lorenzo has starred in many films such as, “Shackels“(2005), “DoughBoys“(2009), “EagleEye”(2010) and in several TV series including “The District,” (2002) “The O’Keefes” (2003 recurring) “Cold Case,” (2005) “Las Vegas”,(2006)”ER”,(2007)”The Shield”,(2007)” The Brandon T. Jackson Show ( 2007 series regular)” “The Deal” (2010 Fuse pilot series regular) and more.  Lorenzo along with Big Sister Pictures & Tarnol Group Pictures currently have several greenlit feature films in production for 2010-2013 release.

Horace Glasper (Leroy Wilson)
Growing up in South Holland, IL., comedian, actor, writer, producer, Horace Glasper got his start as a comedian at Giovanni’s, in Dolton IL. After making the move to Los Angeles Ca., Young Horace successfully hosted the famous “LA Improv” where comic greats such as Sinbad, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and Chris Tucker have performed.  Performing at major comedy venues in L.A., such as The Comedy Store, & Laugh Factory, Young Horace studied and, critiqued other comedians’ sets to enhance his own stage performance. As he grew, his style of comedy was compared to Martin Lawrence and Mike Epps because like them, he would say the things most people wouldn’t say or address subject matter that a young person his age wouldn’t normally think of.  Horace was a member of BET’s Teens of Comedy, the brain child of Brandon T. Jackson. The other cast members included Lil JJ, Isaiah Kelly, Corey Fernandez and Juan Garcia. The Teens of Comedy Tour targeted communities throughout the states reaching thousands of youths per show. The concept was conflict resolution through laughter, instead of violence. He also toured the states hosting Lil JJ & Friends Comedy Tour and Almost Grown Tour.  A gifted actor, Young Horace has appeared in TV shows, such as Nickelodeon’s “Just Jordan” (alongside LiL JJ, Raven Goodwin & Chelsea Tavares) and feature films such as, “Heaven Aint Hard To Find”, “Janky Promoters” (Ice Cube) and “The Parking Lot” (starring as Hot Sauce) written and directed by fellow Chicago comedian Barry Brewer.  You can see Young Horace with Keisha Knight Pulliam, Sinbad, and Lil Zane in his most current film, by Reel Rebel Productions, “Cutting the Mustard” due for release early next year.  Young Horace also wrote, a script that is slated for production, “40 And Leroy Smoke Cali”  which led to the Webisode series: Leroy Harlem Stories and 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York. This vibrant, hard working, humble, charismatic, young man is on a mission to accomplish his goals. Young Horace is well on the road to stardom.

Janus Yvonne (Lynette)

Janus Yvonne was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. From a very early age she showed promise as a performer. Her earliest memories of performing go back to church. At her church Janus sang, danced, modeled, and performed in plays. Janus was always an enthusiastic child with a great sense of understanding and communicating with those around her (no matter what age). In grade school Janus participated in the glee club, saw her first stage play, begin playing the violin, and hosted a news show in class for a project. It was then where Janus discovered sheloved all different aspects of the performing arts. She eventually attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where she studied Theatre for 3 years. Now Janus Yvonne is in New York City. She has completed a 2-year Professional Actor Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. She’s been taught by great acting coaches like Susan Batson who has said “Janus is meant to be an actress like Barack Obama was meant to be president”. Her talent has been regarded as “natural”. Her credits include independent film, webisodes, off-broadway theatre, and a spot on OWN:Oprah Winfrey Network. Janus feels acting is more than just a passion, she considers it her calling. She understands that it’s an honor to step in the shoes of another individual and live out their story regardless of the circumstance. She wants to use her gift to empower the human spirit. Janus Yvonne is committed to working hard on her craft in order to accomplish greatness is this business. Her #1 goal is to break barriers, wherever they arise, and to build a resume of unforgettable characters.

McCants (Diesel)
Born in Harlem, New York, Denzel is a big fan of movies. So, when his uncle, 40 and Leroy Producer/Director Reed R. McCants asked him to play a role in the web series Denzel jumped at the chance.

Correa (Ralphie)
Born in Juncos, Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, New York, Rafael graduated from James Monroe High School.  There he performed in a play about drug abuse called “Now Me”. The show’s performance was taped for PBS, in New York. A jack of all trades, Rafael loves to cook. garden and ride bikes. Just like the character that he plays in 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York, Correa is a real building manager for over 30 years.

Eleven Ego Crusher (Fake 40)
Eleven was born in the Bronx, New York and literally into the world Hip Hop. At a very young age, After moving to Harlem and enduring a daunting childhood that left him fending for his daily survival, Eleven turned to hustling mix tapes on the streets of New York City to sustain his existence. While hustling mix tapes Eleven was inspired to create his own music. Eleven derived his name from the first letter of his government name which is the 11th letter of the alphabet. He is also known in the MC battle circuit as the Ego Crusher, because of his ability to defeat all would-be competition, basically leaving their egos crushed. After making his rounds through the mix-tapes circuit as a host, producer or featured artist with the likes of Whoo Kid, Babs, Ron G, Greg Street, Nipsey Hussle, & Dj Whiteowl to name a few, Eleven is ready to release his debut album Respect b4 Fame, under the guidance of Dana Dane’s Def Beat Entertainment multi-media company. When asked how he came up with the title for his CD, Respect B4 Fame, Eleven says, “I have learned to stay grounded because I understand that once the fame is gone, all I’ll have is my respect.”  Eleven is a gifted songwriter, arranger and producer with collaborating with tracks with Maya Azucena (Grammy winner), Lady Luck, Blitz, Ashley Nyx, Wiz Kalifa and Dana Dane. In addition, Eleven currently is a member of Mix-tape Icon DJ WHITE OWL's "TEAM WHITEOWL" movement, a Coast 2 Coast mix-tape DJ and is the Creator & Director of SHE GOT NEXT (female Hip Hop Documentary & mix-tape series) not to mention his two songs on MUSIC CHOICE and three songs in rotation on the NBA roster.  It was only a matter of time for Eleven to turn his music talents into acting. He sharpened his acting skills alone-side Marc John Jefferies (Notorious, Big mama house 3) , and Grizz & Dot com (NBC 30 ROCK and SEX IN THE CITY 2) to name a few. Now Eleven will be co-starring in the hilarious Web Series "40 & Leroy" and definetly more to come soon. For booking & info: mmctrax@gmail.com

Ma Barker (CeCee)

Ma Barker, the Wife of a Don, was born Satina Pearce in East New York, Brooklyn. At an early age, she moved to the “Southside” section of Jamaica, Queens, where she attended Andrew Jackson High School. She started her career under the name Shaqueen by battling and defeating local MCs. It didn’t take long before she started recording her entirely self-written songs in the late 90’s and finally caught the ear of Cold Chilin' record label president Fly Ty. Even though Fly Ty was highly interested in signing her to a record deal, she decided to pursue other options. Shaqueen/Ma Barker connected with a young entrepreneur by the name of Mighty who at the time was starting a record label called Mighty Entertainment. Her first single “Just Because/Shaqueen Rules” was soon getting major airplay from leading radio personalities such as HOT 97’s DJ Enuff, Angie Martinez and many others. The single peaked at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, where it remained for 20 weeks. Not only did Shaqueen/Ma Barker receive an “artist of the year” write up from Kanye West’s ex- manager Datu, she was also featured on R&B legend Gerald Levert’s platinum-selling album “Love and Consequences”. At that time, she furthermore recorded songs with fellow female artist Queen Pen and Hip Hop icon LL Cool J. After severing ties with Mighty Entertainment, as fate would have it, she once again crossed paths with Kool G Rap whom she met through their mutual friend and now Jive Records/Sony BMG recording artist Papoose. After hearing her music, G Rap quickly took Shaqueen/Ma Barker under his wing and began working with her. It was during that time that Ma Barker credits G Rap for saving her life as she was heavily involved in the “street game” in which she had numerous run-ins with Federal Agents for her involvement with then boyfriend Garfield Brown, who became one of America’s Most Wanted. With a new life and new name, Ma Barker has recorded numerous songs with Kool G Rap as well as an album in 2008 called “Click of Respect” which features her “5 Family Click”. She is currently working on her debut solo album for which she has secured guest appearances from Kool G Rap, 50 Cent, Uncle Murda, Bun B, Bleu Davinci, LL Cool J, Papoose, and Dr. Dre’s old artist at Aftermath/Interscope, now Eminem’s new artist Joell Ortiz and many more. With these features, her own skills and top-notch producers such as Blood Brothers”, Buckwild, Scram Jones, G-Unit’s PhreQuincy, Shuko a/k/a the German Wunderkind and Lex Barkey behind the boards, Ma Barker is bound to bring the crown back to town. Stay tuned for her street album “Coming for your head” is scheduled for an August 2012, release.

For bookings: Email: Gwopgirls@gmail.com (347)762-2752

Jamie Alyson Uribe (Seven)
Jamie Alyson Uribe is a New Orleans' native, who lives and works in Los Angeles.  Jamie began her acting career while in high school with her participation as Britney Matherson is her first web-series Briteneymeetup.  While in New Orleans, she trained under the renowned acting coach, Lance Nichols, known for his role in the current HBO series Treme and at The Actors Alliance with Veleka Gray.  Her first feature film was in Girls Gone Gangsta as a Wicca Warrior where she was able to use her experience and training as a 2nd Degree Black Belt.  She was also in the short films, Demented Half, as Raven and Angel - dual role; and the short film, The Keystroke Killer as Blaze, which is currently being developed into a television series.  Her first job as an actor, once moving from New Orleans to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career was in the stage play, Seven Deadly Sins, which ran for several months.  She is also featured as herself, in the reality show The Baker Girls:  Sealed with a Kiss.  Most recently, she had the opportunity to work under the direction of Neema Barnette in the T.D. Jakes film, Woman Thou Art Loosed:  On the 7th Day, along side of Pam Grier, one of her idols.  Cast as Deep Nostrils, (AKA Seven), in 40 & Leroy Crazy in New York web-series, Jamie looks forward to working with director Reed McCants as well as the rest of the cast.  In the winter of 2012, Jamie published her first book of poetry with Open Door Publishing House called Where the Mind Wanders.

J Latif (Cable-Man)
South Central L.A. are streets of legend, immortalized in the poetry of a new generation. Mean streets where only the strong survive, where moving up means getting out. Born into these storied blocks was J Latif. His mother instilled in him three things a young man needed to rise above the sucking gravity of South Central: passion, tenacity and love. As a boy J Latif was special. He used music as an escape from the grim realities of the world outside his door. And these experiences are reflected in his lyrics and music. Inspiration, hope, and the desire to create fun, up beat and heavy beats that will keep you up and dancing all night long. He has also teamed up with European songwriter/producer and long time friend Thomas Gallmeier (Glen Ballard, Cindy Gomez/Interscope) and together they have expanded the horizon of his sound into the DJ/Pop/R&B style that is reflected by the new songs and production.  J Latif has already made an impact in the Los Angeles Music Scene with his songwriting, that will see him work with Ne-Yo, Compound Entertainment and Stacy Barthe (Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry) later this year.

Kristina Kruz (Ima Ballbricker)
Kristina Kruz was born in Atlanta, Georgia on April, 26 1989 and now lives in Los Angeles since 2007. At the tender age of 8 years old she decided that she wanted to be an actress that would send good messages and inspire people throughout the land of the world. She always had a tug at her heart strings that she would be an artist. An artist sent here to do good. Her platform is to overcome obstacles with tenacity and awareness. She works on her craft everyday to be a better artist in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. She also is involved with charities such as iCor Orphans founded by her mother (icororphans.org), as well as youth mentoring with Red Eye, improv-ing and performing animated storytelling with Art of the Elysium which visits children hospitals. You can watch Kristina in Season 6 of “Californication” in January 2013 on Showtime as a re-occuring role and in an upcoming film, Edge of Salvation out next year! Kristina has also booked co-stars on Hung, Greek, & The Middle, various music videos, Funny or Die sketches and short films as well as a playing a lead in Another Stupid Day which will premiere at Sundance next year! Kristina has stand up comedy experience performing at venues such as The Improv, Comedy Store, & I.O. West. Kristina has trained at Howard Fine's Acting Studio, Lesly Kahn, & Michael Woolson's studio to name a few. Kristina's other skills include hip-hop dancing, painting, writing, and being silly.

Christopher Donelli (Agent Me)
Born Christopher Michael Hernandez on May 30, 1984 in Burbank, California, USA, Christopher is a college student majoring in Business Marketing. He is currently working for a computer company in their sales department. He is an aspiring actor and model on the side. While in college he has been studying theatre and taking film classes. He has done one play for his college. Chris was also seen in various student film projects for the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. On his free time he is found at the gym, working on his physique and staying healthy. He enjoys watching and playing sports and loves to go out with his friends. He is a good friend of well known actors Michael Galeota and Lorenzo Eduardo.

Ian Greenfield (Age
nt U)
Ian was born April 9th 1979 in Burbank California. Ian attended CSUN and graduated with a Masters from USC. After College Ian became a restaurateur opening his first restaurant Uncle Mikes Italian Restaurant. Ian along with his other endeavors owns a real estate company in Burbank California.  As a child Ian took up acting and starred in various commercials as a child including  a campaign for Skinny's peanut butter which he was the poster child for sometime.  Most notably he played Connor on the hit television series Growing Pains for 15 episodes.  While at UNLV and CSUN Ian study theater where he developed a passion and ear for musical theater. Ian can now be seen recurring as Agent U on the hit comedy web series 40 and Leroy Crazy In New York.

Michael Galeota (Mikie Mike)
Born Michael James Galeota August 28, 1984 in SmithtownLong IslandNew YorkU.S.) is an American actor. He is probably best known for his role as Nick Lighter in the Disney Channel Original Series The Jersey. Michael grew up in Long Island, New York in an Italian family playing sports and performing in school plays. He caught his first acting break at 10 years old in 20th Century Fox movie Bucshwacked. He went on to work on many shows including ER, Babysitter's Club, and a recurring role on Ally Mcbeal. He landed "The Jersey" at 15 years old and shot 70 episodes for Disney Channel. He received the Young artist award for best actor in a comedy. He is an avid fan of New York sports, Comedy, Music and Movies. 

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