40 and Leroy (Season 3) Official Teaser

Jam-packed with action and many surprises and of course comedy, 40 and Leroy Crazy New York’s Third Season will shock and amaze you. Take a look at this teaser for the proof now on TV.

Created, Produced and Edited by Actor/Director Reed R McCants (Civil Brand, Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day), 40 and Leroy Webisodes are a follow-up to his feature film, "Cuttin Da Mustard", which has garnered several awards on the Festival circuit and has become a pop urban cult classic.

Some Webisodes are exclusive to our Official 40 and Leroy website and are not available on YouTube.  You can see the entire Season 1 and 2 of the 40 and Leroy Web Series only available on DVD.

40 and Leroy Web Series Season 3

40 and Leroy (Webisode 46) In Search Of Leroy

In this Season 3 opener, after searching all over New York City for a missing Leroy, 40 runs into a little trouble of his own.

40 and Leroy (Webisode 47) Found But Still Lost

Dazed and confused it may seem that 40 has finally found his cousin Leroy who had disappeared for months while living on the streets. Could Leroy's Occupy Wall Street involvement have caused a strange affect on his mind?

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40 and Leroy (Webisode 48) Who Are These Guys?

40 is kidnapped by the men in black and taken to an unknown location.

40 and Leroy (Webisode 49) Who's That Talking In My Head?

Fake 40 tries to persuade Leroy back into his old bad habits. Famed New York City Rapper Eleven Ego Crusher guest stars as Fake 40.

Very few character names have been used as often as the name Leroy in comedy.  But what few people know, or have observed, or even paid attention to, is that there is an expansive story behind the illustrious name of Leroy as it relates to comedy.  From Wikipedia encyclopedia, spelled and pronounced many different ways, the name Leroy, Lee Roy, or Le Roy is often a male given name. It is also used as a surname. The name is derived from Old French. Pronunciation: /ləˈrɔɪ/ lə-roy.   Could it be that the 2 words syllable has some magical stimulations of the funny bone or does this simple name speak to the senses of the common man? Read More

What's So Special About The Number 40

If you’re an urban dweller, a sub-urbanite or a plugged-in rural person between the ages of sixteen and sixty, the word ‘40’ could, in most cases, conjure up an image of a 40 ounce bottle of Miller Highlife, perhaps Colt 45 malt liquor. More

40 and Leroy (Webisode 50) The Fro Must Go!  
Leroy is hearing voices inside of his head.

A Suspenseful, Race Against The Clock Thriller!


Blair Underwood  Sharon Leal, Nicole Beharie, Pam Grier and Reed R McCants

Available on Blu-Ray and DVD


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40 and Leroy (Webisode 51) Enter The Illuminatrix

40's abductors reveal themselves. Kristina Kruz (Californication), guest star's as the villainous, Ima Ballbricker.

40 and Leroy (Webisode 52) Run 40 Run
Fake 40's identity nearly gets revealed while the real 40 fights for his life against the Illuminatrix Corporation.   Female Rap sensation Ma Barker joins the cast as Fake 40s  girlfriend, CeCee.

40 AND LEROY (Webisode 53) Fit In Or Fall Out...

Leroy's (Horace Glasper) search for employment is unsuccessful. Warning! The following episode contains explicit language please be advised.

40 AND LEROY (Webisode 54) Check The Chip At The Door

After an apparent malfunction of the chip inside Leroy’s head, the Corporation calls on Fake 40 to investigate.

Leroy can't hold back his feeling for Fake 40's girlfriend CeCee!  Featuring the world premiere of Leroy Wilson and the Haft Notes first video. Horace Glasper sings and stars as Leroy Wilson.

With the Men in Black in hot pursuit, 40 (Lorenzo Eduardo) is rescued by a woman called Seven (Jamie Uribe), who claims she can save Leroy and 40's life. Stephen W. Beal, Bobbie Lee and Armando DuBon Jr. also star as the Men in Black.

40 AND LEROY (Webisode 57) Operation Save Leroy

It's not only that 40 (Lorenzo Eduardo) has 46 hours left to rescue his cousin Leroy (Horace Glasper), but also Seven (Jamie Uribe) reveals The Illuminatrix Corporation's diabolical plan for all mankind. Stephen W. Beal, Bobbie Lee and Armando DuBon Jr. also star as the Men In Black.

                                                        Premiered January 7. 2013

Watch The Latest 40 AND LEROY (Webisode 58) Leroy Is The Key

Seven (Jamie Uribe) reveals more of the Illuminatrix Corporation's diabolical plan to 40 (Lorenzo Eduardo) as CeCee (Ma Barker) puts pressure on RayRay (Eleven) to reveal his involved in the mind control conspiracy.

Premiered January 27. 2013

40 AND LEROY (Webisode 59) CeCee To The Rescue

Cecee throws down with RayRay over his betrayal of Leroy while Diesel stalks Leroy with the intent to kill.                                                                                                   

                                                    Premiered March 5, 2013