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In the tradition of the great New York City comedic duos from Abbott and Costello to Seinfeld and Costanza, comes the contemporary slapstick team of 40 and Leroy!  Crazy in New York, is a weekly web series that follows cousins 40oz and Leroy and a host of diverse characters as they explore the highs and lows of the life of everyday urban youth living in the city.  Approaching its third season, the series is raw, unscripted and show is a grassroots POV on 21st century banter and culture. 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York is candid and above all very funny!

What’s Kickstarter?

40 and Leroy has joined the Kickstarter Program.  It’s a site helps organize donations and investments into noteworthy and successful projects. Projects have a certain amount of days to raise funds for financing.  In our case we allow 30 days and our goal is to raise $6000 in order to produce 26 episodes of our web series. Everyone knows that all film productions cost money and it’s no different with our web series.  We have expenses for Production equipment, post-production editing, on-location rentals, actor's and crew, transportation, and promotional materials.  We offer 40 and Leroy as free Internet entertainment for the public, however it does have its cost.   We are offering the opportunity for our friends, fans and family to help us meet our goal.

How Does it Works?

The simple process investing in our Kickstarter program takes only 5 minutes and can be done with a credit or debit card.  No investment is too small and with all contributions one can receive amazing incentive rewards like Music CDS, web series DVDS, posters, T-shirts or a walk-on role in a future episode. Large investors will receive rewards up to an actual Executive Producer billing and listed on all show credits. Your investment will help pay for production equipment, post-production editing, on-location rentals, actor's and crew, transportation, and promotional materials. If we don't reach our goal, everyone will get their investment returned to them. Click the link below to watch our pitch to you.

Boy What A Season It Will Be! 
In our season 2 cliffhanger, Leroy, frustrated with never having a job or money, decided to join the Occupy Wall St. Movement.  It's been a few months and no one has seen or heard of of him since. It seems that 40 Ounce is the only one concerned about his welfare. He suspects that something horrible might have happened to him and he just might be right.  But what 40 doesn't know is that his search for Leroy will lead the both of them into a world of espionage, the occult and the supernatural.  This season will bring many surprises, and a whole bunch of laughs. So be prepared for the wildest 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York season ever.  don't forget, this is the only place that you will find the most videos, biographies, news and updates to expand your 40L experience.

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Well Friends it’s official, we are funded! Our Kickstarter Program has been successful  and it’s all because of you, our friends, family and fans, who dug deep in their pockets to fork over some hard earned cash, especially during these hard times, to help us stimulate your funny bone. 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York Season 3 will continue to give you some of the best episodes online. To all that have contributed I want to send out a “Great Big Thank You”.  We certainly couldn't have done it without you.

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A Suspenseful, Race Against The Clock Thriller!


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The Doctors In The House!

The next 40 and Leroy episodes will answer many of the questions that you have been asking surrounding the mysterious kidnapping of 40oz. by the Men In Black.  While we cannot divulge any of our storyline secrets, what we can tell you is that in the up-and-coming episode, we will introduce our main protagonist.  Actress/Comedian Kristina Kruz (pictured) steps into the role of Ima Ballbricker.  She’s a no-nonsense, karate kicking scientists, whose sinister objective is to take over the world one person at a time, or so she thinks. You can catch the new episode premiering later this month, but in the meantime check out our Who’s Who page to read more about Kristina.

40 and Leroy’s

McCants and Glasper at Blogworld Expo

40 and Leroy creator, Reed R. McCants was asked to join  a panel at the renowned Blog World Expo to be held in New York City June 5 through the 7th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. BlogWorld is a must-attend social media event, hosting thousands of attendees from 50+ countries, with more than 200 speakers.   Read More...


What's So Special About The Number 40

If you’re an urban dweller, a sub-urbanite or a plugged-in rural person between the ages of sixteen and sixty, the word ‘40’ could, in most cases, conjure up an image of a 40 ounce bottle of Miller Highlife, perhaps Colt 45 malt liquor, or my old favorite ‘from the block’, Cold Duck.  Ironic that it be so, because it is each young man’s virgin experience with alcohol which is the mighty crapshoot moment that might open the Pandora’s Box into a lifelong bout with alcoholism. More