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Director McCants, Returns to Acting in T.D. Jakes New Film.

Burbank, California, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com)  January 11, 2012 --

Writer/Director Reed R. McCants is no foreigner when it comes to acting, having taught acting in both Los Angeles and New York for over 20 years. However, it has been over 8 years since he has appeared in front of the camera as an actor. In the past few years, McCants has been busy directing feature films like the independent award-winning classic ”Cuttin’ Da Mustard” along with directing, writing, editing and producing multiple episodes of his popular youtube comedy web series “40 and Leroy Crazy in New York”, Reed hasn’t had much time for acting. Notably, the last time audiences had a chance to catch McCants' on screen as an actor, was in the popular urban film “Civil Brand” directed by Award winning filmmaker, Neema Barnette.  --  Read More

The Brothers Hit Their Marx
All of the folks who help make the 40 and Leroy Crazy In New York Web Series  possible are feeling like singing that song from the Jeffersons.   However it does look like we’re moving “On up” in the ranks!  Recently, we received a fantastic review from Place Vine Studios, a premier website and blog that focuses on reviewing web Series
and YouTube videos  as well as branded entertainment.  Our web series received a 4 star rating and a stellar review.  Check out the article!

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40 and Leroy’s Director McCants at Blogworld Expo
40 and Leroy creator, Reed R. McCants has been asked to join a panel at the renowned Blog World Expo to be held in New York City June 5 through the 7th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. BlogWorld is a must-attend social media event, hosting thousands of attendees from 50+ countries, with more than 200 speakers. This will be the Expos second year i
n New York and they plan 3 days of cutting-edge conference sessions and eye-opening keynotes. It’s not just the conference content that BlogWorld attendees boast about, 2012 attendees will also find a thriving tradeshow and great evening networking mixers. This is the only industry-wide event bringing the global community of content creators and publishers together all under one roof. Reed will be joining other distinguished panelists to host a How to Create a Kickass Kickstarter Campaign. Crowdfunding doesn’t get more exciting than it’s been this year. The first Kickstarter projects that have made a million dollars in 24 hours and multiple millions over the course of their campaign have wowed creators around the world. But the buzz around these numbers belies the work involved to make them successful. Learn the tactics that can get you to the finish line and then into the bank line.
A New Edition To Our 40 and Leroy Website!

Courtesy of our sister website, livetheatregang.com 40 & Leroy has added a brand new page to it’s website, “STRAIGHT UP GOSSIP”. It’s where you can dish the dirt, find the filth or pick up the scoop on some of the buzz in the Entertainment World. This is one page you might not want to end up on.  Or maybe you do because as they say, “No gossip is bad gossip”.

Neema Barnette

Our Ex-Producer is the first African American woman sitcom director and the first African American woman to get a three picture deal with Sony.   Read More...

Hip-Hop World Embraces 40 and Leroy Web Series
Ever since New York City rapper “Eleven” joined the cast of 40 and Leroy Crazy in New York, it seems that the web series has found its core audience. Yes, Hip-Hop audiences are really feeling the unique brand of comedy that our 40 and Leroy Webisodes delivers.  As fans of the series may already know, rapper Eleven signed on to this season in the role of Fake 40, who’s a do
wn-on-his-luck Harlem brother masquerading as 40oz., while the real 40oz. has been abducted by the Illuminatrix Corporation.   Now the series is happy to announce the addition of female Hip-Hop artist extraordinaire, Ma Barker to the cast. Barker jumps into the role of CeCee, Fake 40’s girlfriend. Anyone who is familiar with Barker knows that she is a protégé of multiplatinum recording artists Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and was featured on several of his labels albums. A quintessential New York rapper, Ma, as she likes to be  affectionately called, is currently blazing the Hip-Hop world with her controversial new video “Same Time” featured on Allhip-hop.com website. In the “Same Time” video she tackles HIV and the bisexual lifestyles of today’s young Black men,  which is some real powerful stuff!  Be sure to click the links to check out the video.  Also our web series director Reed R McCants is working with Ma Barker and Eleven on an upcoming video for a song entitled “Kill Ya Self”. Make sure you check future postings for the premiere.